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Cotuit Center for the Arts

On Friday, January 15th, our class ventured off on a field trip to the Cotuit Center for the Arts to get an up-close look at their current exhibit, “First Things First.” This exhibit, being presented by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, featured the works of over 50 Cape Cod artists. These works explored what the artists felt were “those things that are most important to them”. All of the art work was displayed at 4ft., just perfect for student viewing! Groups examined the pieces, asked questions and made insightful comments.  Each child also worked in the studio to create a multi-media art project that included a weaving component. Finally, students worked as individuals, in pairs or in groups to complete a museum scavenger hunt.

Thanks to our chaperones/drivers! We would not have been able to experience this without you! It was a great visit and I would recommend checking this (free!) exhibit out as a family. The Cotuit Center for the Arts is open Mondays-Saturdays from 10:00-5:00 P.M.

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Solar System Projects

As we begin wrapping up our unit on the Solar System, each student was given the task of creating his/her own replica of the Solar System. They were responsible for including the 8 planets (in the correct sequence), plus dwarf planet Pluto, as well as the Sun, Moon and facts for each celestial body. They even included the asteroid belt. Their focus on their work and their attention to detail were impressive. Watch for these projects to come home soon!



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Investigating Book Covers and Book Jackets

As we launched into our Book Jacket Projects, the students worked in pairs investigating book jackets and book covers to see the elements that might be contained on the front cover, back cover, front inside flap and back inside flap of a variety of books from our classroom library. Enthusiasm was high and the duos worked well together!

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