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 Our Camp Read-a-Lot Day was a great success!  We read and read and read some more but we also wrote stories and created special decorated number cards for our Cookie Walk.

 The Cookie Walk was great fun! Everyone went home with a dozen delicious cookies. Thanks to all of our bakers (we couldn’t have done it without you!) and an extra special THANK YOU to Mr. & Mrs. Robichaud for the delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows that they supplied for us to enjoy. YUM!

 My favorite part of the day, however, was watching the children rehearse for our Reader’s Theater event. They started in pairs (or trios) practicing their poems with our fluency routine. (See below for details on our fluency routine.) Each poem was a silly poem recited to the tune of a favorite holiday song. A packet of these poems were sent home with each student on 12/23.

 After practicing their fluency routines, they formed larger groups and practiced singing their poem/song. In the end, each group (pictured on this page) performed their poem/song for the whole class to enjoy. What a talented group! They were great!!

Fluency Routine ~Typically done in pairs to build reading fluency. I tell them that they want their “reading voice” to sound as smooth as their “talking voice”.

  1. Each person reads the passage/poem/page to self.
  2. I read. You read.  This is done by alternating sentences. This requires attention to punctuation so each person knows when it is his/her turn.
  3. You read. I read. This allows each person practice reading both parts.
  4. Choral read. Both read it together.
  5. Independent read. Each person reads it again to his/herself.

The repetition/re-reading is what allows for the fluency to improve. Try it at home with your child’s favorite poem or a page from a beloved book.


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