A New Blog??

Hi Students and Families,

I am in the process of creating a new blog for our classroom. It will have most of the same activity links and pages but will allow me to add some new pages such as a book review page for the kids and a calendar page to keep you updated on all of the important dates you need to know! All new posts (announcements, articles, newsletters, etc.) will be found at the NEW blog (same name). Check it out by clicking the link “OUR NEW BLOG” on the right hand side of the screen!

See you there!

Ms. Sawyer :)

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Room 202 Awaits “Set-Up”!

Last week, I headed into school. As always, it looked great! The custodians do an amazing job, especially over the summer, when they scrub, wax, paint and repair. We (the teachers and other staff) come in to a “fresh canvas”, so to speak. These pictures, kindly taken by Mrs. Brooks (our new neighbor in the third grade pod! Yay!), show the room before I set to work. Check back soon for the “after” photos! :)

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Welcome to the new members of Team 202!

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Happy Summer to you!!

Happy Summer to my former and future Team 202 members!! I hope you are having a super summer doing all of the things that make you happy. I have been having a great summer so far. My daughter, Alexi, and I have had many beautiful beach days, enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World, taken many walks and bike rides, read some great books ( are you logging your minutes??) and have been spending lots of time with our wonderful family and friends. Summer is also one of my favorites times because I enjoy thinking about and planning for the upcoming school year. The possibilities are endless!! Keep reading, relaxing and having fun!! Love, Ms. Sawyer :)

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Team 202: Our Year in Pictures!


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Friends Slideshow

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Thanks for your help and support with the Wax Museum. It was a great success! The children’s dress rehearsal speeches are now posted on the blog. Thanks for your patience. The site I use would only let me upload a few each day!

It is hard to believe that we are in our last full week of school! This week will be packed full of both learning and fun. It has been an amazing year working with and getting to know your children. I will miss each and every one of them! They should be proud of all they have learned and of all of their accomplishments this year!

Thanks to you, the parents, for all of your help and support throughout the year. It was a pleasure! Have a wonderful summer!


Ms. Sawyer  :)

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You Are Cordially Invited

You are invited to attend our “Living Wax Museum” on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 from  6:30-7:30pm. PLEASE NOTE THIS TIME CHANGE.

The children’s speeches, props, costumes, buttons and any extra credit elements are due in school on Monday, June 6th, to be prepared for dress rehearsal and proper set up of Wednesday afternoon’s performance.  All props should fit in a grocery bag. No furniture or weapons are allowed.

Children should arrive, no later than 6:15 pm on Wednesday night. We will be “setting the stage” for the Hall of Fame in the hallways,  and would prefer it to be a surprise for families when they arrive at 6:30 pm. Thank you in advance for respecting this request.

On this night students will pose as wax and will “come to life”-at the press of their button- to give guests a rendition of who they are and why they are famous. If you have any further questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me.

ALSO: Keep practicing that speech! I will make a copy to be kept at school and will send the original home to allow your child to continue practicing!

Thank you for all of your support for this very special, once in a lifetime project! I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!

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With an astounding fifteen and a half days of third grade left, the children continue to be introduced to new and valuable information each day! In Science, we will wrap up our work on energy with some really cool, hands-on activities and experiments. The students will learn about potential vs. kinetic energy and will visit each of our five third grade teachers for a look at five different types of energy! During our Kaboodle time, your child will finish up his/her work on the area that he/she chose as an area of interest. These areas are: rocks & minerals, the Solar System and animal habitats.


In Social Studies, we will spend some time wrapping up our learning about the American Revolution. The children will also learn about the Puritans and their similarities and differences when compared to the Pilgrims and we will take a closer look at Falmouth’s history! Of course, each child will be completing his/her research of a historical figure with ties to Massachusetts in preparation for our one-of-a-kind Living Wax Museum! Speaking of which, here are the details for homework for this week:

At home, students should be preparing to “become” their characters… This week’s homework is to design some type of appropriate costume, choose 3 relevant props to go on display, and finalize his/her speech. All students should attempt to memorize their speech before the 8th. It is much more interesting to listen to a presentation that has been practiced many times J.

These tasks are this week’s homework. This will give students plenty of time to prepare. Please be sure that your child takes this opportunity to work hard.  Speeches (completely written), props and costumes should be brought to school on MONDAY, JUNE 6. (A friendly reminder…no weapons or furniture, please.)

On the 8th, we will have a dress rehearsal from 2:00 – 3:00 at school. (Costumes will already be here.) That evening, we will have our performance at 6:00pm. Students should WEAR their costumes (which will be sent home at the end of the school day), and arrive a bit early to be set up and ready to go. Parents will be asked to remain outdoors until we throw the doors open for all to enter.

PLEASE email me with any questions you have as our exciting day approaches!

Also: Friday is our field trip to Aptuxcet Trading Post Museum. Children should bring a bag lunch (unless you sent in the slip last week ordering a school bag lunch) and wear sneakers, a hat and sunblock. Thanks, in advance, to all of our drivers!!

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