Persuasive Essay Rubric





Persuasive Essay Rubric

  • The response is clearly focused on the prompt.
  • Reasons are presented convincingly with well-chosen support for the position chosen.
  • The organization is clear and consistent and has a coherent sense of completeness.
  • Introductory, transitional, and concluding elements contribute to a well-organized progression.
  • Word choice is appropriate and varied, and sentence structure is interesting.
  • Minor mechanical errors do not interfere with understanding of the essay.


  • The response focuses on the prompt. Reasons are limited, but well supported or they are ample and moderately supported. In some cases only one reason is provided, but the support for that reason is extensive and well elaborated.
  • Organization is logical, but has minor gaps or divergences.
  • Word choice is effective; there are transitions between ideas; and there has been an effort to vary sentence structure.
  • Mechanical errors are present, but they co not affect understanding of the essay.
  • The response answers the prompt and remains on the topic throughout.
  • Reasons are provided without elaboration, or there is only one sketchily elaborated reason provided in the support of the position chosen.
  • The word choice is limited and sentence structure is repetitive.
  • Errors in mechanics impair understanding.
  • The response does not answer the prompt or addresses the question in a skeletal way and does not remain on the topic.
  • There is minimal support of the position chosen and/or the reasons presented do not relate to the position taken.
  • The language is confusing and the sentence structure is repetitive.
  • Errors in usage, mechanics, and spelling impede the reader’s understanding of the essay.



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