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Twenty-First Century Skills

Ms. Johnson

Dear Students and Parents,

 Welcome to a new year and a new addition to the Lawrence School curriculum, Twenty-First Century Skills. The Twenty-First Century is proving to be a historically vigorous, fast-paced and exciting time in part due to the evolution of technology. With this in mind, the objective of this course is to strengthen technology skills by demonstration of effective research and understanding of information through analysis and synthesis. During the trimester, you will be applying these skills to researching a Possible Future Career and competitive speaking using the Lincoln-Douglas debate.

A possible future career is action planning. In short, it is finding a career that fits you based on your personality, strengths and skills and making plans to reach that goal. You will be: identifying dreams, exploring interests, identifying skills, defining preferences, exploring job opportunities, developing a resume and a career path. You will also research college majors, occupations and projected job opportunities. Finally, based on your personal employment goal, you will write a cover page and resume to bring to a simulated job interview.

The Cape Wind Energy Project will be the topic of the Linclon-Douglas debate. This topic was chosen because of its impact on the community. A Linclon-Douglas debate is competitive speaking between two debaters.  One debater argues for a resolution  and the other argues against the resolution in front of a judge. The judge then decides which side of the resolution they will vote for based on the presented arguments. The skills that will be strengthed are many for example: speaking, writing, reasoning, research and over all communication skills.

I am looking forward to sharing your discoveries with you while you hone your Twenty-First Century skills.


Ms. Johnson


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