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Wedding Name Change for Non Citizens

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

You can have these records changed into your new name after marriage if you are legally entitled to reside in the USA and have accounts, memberships or identification here. All you have to get going is a wedding certification. No matter whether the certification is released by an American authority (such as for instance a church, synagogue, the court or vital data) or a international authority.

Replace your green card after wedding

If you hold a card that is greenLegal Permanent Resident Card) connect with fully grasp this updated first. You will have to show a wedding certification and evidence of identification. No matter if for example the wedding certification had been granted in the usa or abroad. When it is in an alternate language it ought to be translated to English. Complete kind I-90, ‘Application to displace A permanent resident card’. This kind comes in all our kits. Just choose ‘immigration’ from the agency that is federal. This article as written, it will cost a total of $540 to replace your green card at the time. You will hold out 9 months for the updated card that is green be around. Title modification could be done totally free in the exact same time you develop into a resident. If appropriate title modification just isn’t a choice at enough time of one’s citizenship ceremony it is possible to nevertheless make use of your wedding certification to improve names with no need to improve your green card. (more…)