Back to the ranch

The teacher strike is really affecting this trip – but not in a bad way – we just are rearranging and rescheduling. Turns out the Secretary of Ed needed to meet with the teachers union yesterday afternoon so he/she cancelled on us. Our translator, Nelton, took us on a tour of Canarana instead. We went to the “Pioneer Museum” which consisted of one room of photos of the 81 families who settled Canarana in 1971 and one room of “stuff” from the 70′s. He showed us stuff in the supermarket that was truly Brazilian and showcased their culture – the history of the traditional “teakettle & gourd” etc… Then took us to a por kilo ice cream place. (por kilo is pay by the kilogram – lots of lunch buffets are that type too).

I think the highlight of the day was that in the morning, I broke my sunglasses and wore them taped all day (can you say Steve Urkel?) That is not the highlight. On the way to dinner, Kathleen and I stopped at the supermarket to look for superglue – couldn’t find on our own so I whipped out my phrase book and asked for cola (which the book said was glue), they sent me to the Coca-cola aisle. No, no. I looked up broken and fix but was getting nowhere and we were the show of the night at the market trying to act out “broken and fix”. Finally, I said superglue? and one the stockboys said “soo-pair-bon-dair” ? Yes, yes – superbonder! whoo-hoo! My glasses look like new.

Took a drive out to the ranch today to fill in some blanks from last week and what did we see cross the road? – my highlight of today – a Capuchin monkey! Stop the car! We saw them swinging and flying throught the forest but they were so quick and moving away from us, no photos. So cool and now we don’t have to go to the zoo in Rio to say we saw monkeys in Brazil!