Back to “work”.

Barbecue yesterday was delicioso! Various grilled meats, potato salad with corn & apples, arugula salad & yellow peppers – mmmm. Saw many,many blue macaws fly over the yard, a few little lizards trolling the fences and a beautiful hummingbird flittering by a flower. Good conversation for the most part but it was 50/50 Portuguese/English and it’s difficult to follow a conversation when I catch only one or two words here and there.

Chris, Carmen and Chelsea did not make it back from the ranch in time to go to Oswaldo’s but met us for dinner (8pm) at an outside sandwich cafe – I had a “mini americano” sandwich (bread, ham, fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato) and papaya juice. Paul told us that many of the sandwiches have peas and corn as well (just to fall into your lap as you eat!)

Today, the real work begins. Paul & Chelsea are returning to the ranch, Chris & Carmen are going back to the US, Kathleen and I stay in Canarana. We’ve been told that we will have a dedicated interpreter for the week as needed. So far, Paul and Chris have been doing all that for us.

We meet with Maristela at IPAM at 2pm for a presentation by area teachers. Unfortunately there has been a crimp put into our plans. The teachers in Canarana are on strike so I will probably not get to see any students here, but some teachers will still meet with us and show off their restoration projects. Kathleen will be filming a lot of the stuff I do this week but she’s going back out to the ranch on Thurs to fill in some gaps from last week and I’m on my own for meetings that day – no problemo! (or is it probema?)