Sunday morning in Canarana

The pizza buffet last night was not a buffet but the waiters just kept bringing different pizzas to us (ridizio  – pronounced ho – geez – ee- o). I ate too much but it was hard to stop. Flavors included; garlic & oil, tomato, basil & cheese, hard boiled egg, onion & ham, chopped tomatoes, green peas, and hamburg or sausage, creamed corn & chz (didn’t have that one), french fried onions (or potato strings) & hamburg, coconut & evap milk n cheese, chocolate sprinkles & cheese, 2  different ones with fruit & evap milk…. and more. All with cheese but no tomato sauce on any. Tried the Brazilian drink Caipirinha (with cachacha – pronounced cashasa). They serve beer really,  really cold and in a xlge coozie.

This morning we had cafe at the hotel, sat by the pool and swapped pictures with Kathleen & Paul. I’m blogging, Kathleen is writing up the “field notes” for WHRC and Paul is making me a map of Tanguro labeled with my pictures where they were taken.

The barbecue at Osvalwo’s is at noonish – will add more later.

Sox make any deadline trades?