Last day at the Ranch

Slept in (til 7am) then was awakened by noisy birds in the yard. I must have been in a dream about crows cawing or something and woke to this noise, got up and investigated. There were 1/2 dozen yellow/green macaws in the tree jawing at each other. I startled them a little and they moved to other trees and eventually flew off. Got lots of decent pics. Carmen and Chelsea (Brown U grad students) made breakfast for us – oatmeal, fruit and eggs; as opposed to the bread and fruit that is usual weekday fare.

Paul, Kathleen and I went to look for monkeys at a different jungle site but it was not accessible enough to us – tramped around, saw lots of cool plants, birds and bugs - but no monkeys. Our last stop was to pick up the 3 Critter Cams. One site was a gold mine! Lots of wild pigs and tapirs (we baited the traps with papaya and banana). Made sure to take a picture of me next to a termite mound so you could see how big they really are!

We’re done at Tanguro today and heading into Canarana. I’m looking forward to going to the pizza buffet at the restaurant in town tonight – it’s highly recommended by all!