Yesterday’s News

Ran out computer battery checking the critter cams, so could not blog last night. This $99 netbook has actually been a valuable field tool! We got images of wild pigs rooting around the test site, one cam failed and one just had images of us setting it up so we moved it to a new location where we saw a path into the forest and lots of animal tracks. Our “spy cam” on the porch is just for fun.

Spent the morning working with Wanderlay (pronounced Vanderlay, a Brazilian IPAM scientist) while he monitored his CO2 plots in the burn forest. Then Kathleen and I took off to check the critter cams. After lunch (rice and beans and meat), we went t0 the control forest to run another transect for Paul’s resistivity¬†project. It was really hot in there … and the bugs! The more you sweat, the more the small black flies are attracted to you (salty sweat) and I was so hot my knees were sweating! (not knee pits, knees)The leather snake chaps go over the knees so cause more heat. At one point during testing, we needed to wait for the machine to run so Paul,¬†3 of the Brazilian guys and me¬†practiced our Portuguese/English pronunciation etc..

We ran long in the field so there was no time to swim so we went on a drive around to see – whatever… Saw a tapir (kind of a small hippo type critter) with a baby and chased down an armadillo in the field. It was running and I caught up to it as Paul ran the other direction to head it off! Pretty funny image in your heads now right! Took many more photos and can’t wait to share.

  • Allison:

    Yup funny image of you chasing a hippo type critter, more funny… you running!!! LOL!!! Sox lost yesterday beckett had one bad inning but thats all it took. pedroia had a 24 game hitting streak going, he hit a home run to extend it yesterday to 25. Nothing else going on on the home front. our construction is being put off at least a week, still waiting for permits. oh well… talk to you soon. be safe! TTFN

  • Joey:

    That’s so cool about the armadillo and wicked gross about the knee sweat…are you gonna be able to post pics? Game was fun yesterday – wicked hot, but everyone had a good time. Got lots of updates for you – i’ll send you an email with the rest. Have fun!

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