First Full Work Day

It’s really dark beginning at 6:30pm but the stars are really bright and beautiful. Saw a bunch of bats at dusk – We’ve been told that they roost in the ceiling of our house and come out to feed at night, so any noises at dawn are the bats returning for the day! Have seen lots of birds (but no ”cool ones”), tons of bugs but no monkeys or wild pigs … yet.

Alarm at 6am, breakfast, then into the forest around 7am, before it gets too hot. Probably around 65-70 this morning. Worked on Paul’s Resistivity project today, laying electrodes along a transect to record moisture content of the soil. Put up 2 more critter cams along the transect – along the path where we saw pig poop and hope to catch an image of something tonight! I’m taking tons of pictures but there’s no way this computer can handle even one I’ll bet.

There are 2 grad students from Brown Univ in RI and one of them, Carmen, knows some of Joey’s friends who I had as students in 8th grade! It really is a small world.

Every meal so far has been rice and beans, meat, some other starchy carb and fruit juice (Passion fruit/cashew mix today was yummy). I’m sitting on the porch now typing this and waiting for a group to go down to the reservoir. I think the only way to get all the bug spray and dust from my hair is through a swim! We ran out of water this morning so need to conserve. (it comes from a well and somehow the pump failed during the night, it’ ok now¬†- only has one temp anyway) Wait til you see the pictures!

  • Linda:

    Really enjoying the detailed info in your blogs. I’m sure before you come home you will see some interesting birds and wildlife. Having salmon with a lime/honey/ginger sauce over a bed of greens for dinner tomorrow. This is an easy foolproof recipe I made years ago. Having nectarine shortcake for dessert. We’ll drink to you!!!!

  • Joey:

    Glad to hear all’s well. Who does Carmen know – Ceci or Talia? Too funny!

  • Allison:

    Rice and beans a dieters fav!!! Woo hoo. Take picts of you in the resevoir cuz I cant picture it. Keep the blogs coming. Sox won again last night.

    • Ms Cruse:

      Pic? we’ll see. Thanks for the sox updates – keep ‘em comin. Boys at gane today.

    • Kristin:

      Just so you know, the PawSox won today too! We were at the game in Allentown, PA. I’ve been singing Billy Joel all day!

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