We made it!

The bus ride from Goiania to Canarana was long but uneventful and relatively comfortable. I slept on and off the whole ride. Got there at 9am. Paul (from WHRC) meet us in Canarana, took us to breakfast, to the supermarket and to meet Maristela, who is an educational consultant to IPAMĀ in Canarana and is coordinating my visits to local schools next week.

Finally made it to the ranch for lunch at noon, then dressed in long pants, long sleeve t. Don’t forget to tuck socks in pants and boots – don’t forget the snake chaps, sunglasses and hat. Placed a few “Critter Cams” to capture images of whatever may pass them in the forest. Will check on then later in the week.

Paul and Kathleen swam in the reservoir near the compound while I acted as “lifeguard”. It’s 8pm now and I’m really tired. Will add more tomorrow.