We’re almost there!

We finally left JFK for our 1pm flight at 2pm and arrived safely in Rio at 1am. Long flight, saw the movie “The Adjustment Bureau” with Matt Damon as well as a bunch of NBC TV shows. My kindle has been awesome too. Tried to sleep but only dozed from time to time. Got a voucher from the airlines for a hotel and taxi when we landed. Got to a decent hotel at 2:30am. Slept til 9am but still tired.

This morning we saw the big Jesus from the roof of our hotel – very cool. Drank cafe zima and had poa de queijo, little cheese balls, at an outdoor cafe in downtown Rio. On to airport. Taxi drivers drive VERY fast!!

Security in Rio – put bag on belt – thats it! No free internet anywhere. Kathleen paid $.25/min at the hotel to contact WHRC about all the changes to our reservations.

At airport, needed to exchange dollars for “R$ – Reai”, pronounced Hay I, (the rate R$1.5/$1). Food – got a cafe con leche 4.70 (Brazilian), a small quiche 6.40 with onion and some green stuff that I thought was spinach when I ordered it but don’t think it was when I was eating it – but very delicioso anyway. 4 postcard stamps (8.4).

Now hanging out at a “day room” near the airport til bus time tonight at 9pm. Will arrive in Canarana mid morning I think.

Will blog from “the ranch” tomorrow night.

  • DAN:


    what a loooong trip! glad you got to see some of rio. hope your bus trip goes smooth!

    i want a postcard from canarana more than i want one from rio!

  • Allison:

    Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. You wanted an adventure and so far sounds like your getting one. Have you taken the 12 hr bus ride yet? Have you seen any yucky creapy crawlies yet? Keep in touch.

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