The adventure has begun…

Yesterday (Sat), Kathleen (from WHRC) and I left Cape Cod around 3pm. We were psyched -  no traffic going off Cape, no traffic in Boston, no problems checking bags or going through security. The flight to JFK in New York even arrived a few minutes early.

It’s when  we got to our gate that our worries began. The flight to Rio had been delayed from 9:35 til 11pm. Not a big problem, but then they moved it to 12:30, and gave us a food voucher for “our inconvenience”. Unfortunately, at midnight, all the food places but 1 were closed so there were slim pickins. I figured that as long as we could make our 3pm connection the next day, the wait time in Rio was lessened by waiting in NY.

When they posted 9am departure, we were truly concerned and when that changed to 1pm (on Sunday) we knew we were in trouble! The airlines said they would set us up with a hotel and transportation and would rebook missed connections etc.. Things were looking up, minutely.

We waited, and waited and waited some more – it was Sat night in NY – there were no rooms? Finally at 2am they started issuing vouchers to a hotel in Stamford, CT! We eventually boarded a taxi at 3am, got to CT at 4am and will catch another taxi at 10am back to JFK.

Keep your fingers crossed for success! Success in arriving back at airport on time, success at going through security – again, success that the plane will leave NY, and success at rebooking all the missed connections.

Final thought for today – pack a toothbrush in your carry-on.